HTDI 2022

Event Details

  • Start Date 12/15/2022
  • Start Time 08:30
  • End Time 00:00
Topics Speakers Time Venue
<span>in</span>-session 4 14.00-14.44
New and different applications of micro vascular plug 14.00
New applications of non-adhesive, EVOH-based liquid embolic agents in extra-cranial and extra-vascular districts 14.11
Prostatic interventional radiological management: embolization vs ablation 14.22
Hemorrhoids embolization: superior rectal arteries alone? Coils? Particles? 14.33
General Discussion 14.44
<span>in</span>-session 5 15.00-15.44
Tips and tricks in complex TIPS: trans-splenic approach and other peculiar modalities 15.00
Embolization to optimize future liver remnant increase in major hepatectomy and ALPSS 15.11
Innovative interventional radiological management in liver transplanted patients 15.22
Innovative interventional radiological management in pediatric patients 15.33
General Discussion 15.44
Interventional Radiology industry focus 15.58
Philips: Dual-layer spectral CT Iin lung tumor biopsies: more biomarkers information using color-coded Z-effective images? 15.58
Siemens Healthineers: Photon Counting technology, the new era in CT 16.08
Terumo: Advanced TACE with pearls: data and innovations 16.18
ab medica: CRF: a new generation of radiofrequency ablation system 16.28
Medtronic: Pre-operative embolization using Onyx 18 with stop-flow technique 16.38
Cook Medical: Role of tranjugular biopsy in cirrhotic patient 16.48
<span>in</span>-session 6 17.00-17.44
Liquid vs tissue biopsy for biomarkers collection in interventional oncology 17.00
Functional imaging in lung biopsy 17.11
Innovative strategies for management of biliary complications 17.22
Innovative strategies for management of urological complications 17.33
General Discussion 17.44
<span>in</span>-session 7 18.00-18.44
Innovative interventional procedures to treat shoulder pain 18.00
Augmented reality in bone interventional procedures 18.11
Genicular arteries embolization in osteoarthritis 18.22
New frontiers in treatment of lumbar spinal stenosis and instability: interspinous devices 18.33
General Discussion 18.44
<span>in</span>-key honorary lecture C 19.00-19.13
in-Interventional Radiology day closing 19.13