AbstractFaculty Guidelines

in-session modalities, recommendations for moderators/speakers/discussants and slides preparation

in-congress consists of 14 in-sessions, 6 in-key honorary lectures, 2 industry focuses and an in-innovation challenge at the end of the congress. Each one-hour in-session (first 13 in-sessions) is made of 4 presentations with 2 moderators, 4 speakers and 4 discussants. Each speaker has 8 minutes to present their slides (slides in English, talk in Italian or English). At the beginning of each session discussants will sit at the panel table together with the moderators. At the end of each presentation 3 minutes will be dedicated to a short discussion between discussant and speaker: the discussant may ask up to 2 questions to the speaker before moving on to the next presentation. At the end of the 4 presentations, the moderators will open the general discussion which will last up to 14 minutes and will be expected to ask questions and also to involve the audience in the discussion. The moderators will also be expected to rigorously oversee:
if necessary, the general discussion will have to be shortened. A strict compliance with the presentation time for both speakers (8 minutes) and discussants (3 minutes) is strongly recommended: the speakers will be notified at the end of the 8 minutes. At the exact ninth minute of the presentation the slides will disappear from the screen. In this case discussants, will be allowed to ask the speaker just one question.
The exception is in-session 14 made up of 2 presentations of 5 minutes each with a mini-discussion with the discussant/moderator lasting 1 minute without general discussion with the audience.
Presentation video clips lasting 90-120 seconds of a procedure of one of the 4 speakers, will be broadcasted before each session according to the in-entertainment modalities.
The in-key honorary lectures will have one moderator and one speaker and will last 13 minutes: in this time, moderators will be allowed to ask the speaker up to 2 questions. Industry focus sessions consist of 6 presentations each day for a total of 12 presentations (10 minutes), proposed by the companies and approved by the in-congress scientific committee.
Moderators of in-key honorary lectures and industry focuses must oversee to that presentation times are respected. Slides preparation must comply with the in-congress template: a maximum of 15 slides for the presentations and 27 slides for the in-key honorary lectures is highly recommended.
Speakers should provide the Faculty Room technical staff with presentation/s at least 2 hours before the beginning of the session. Speakers whose session is scheduled as the first in the morning are kindly invited to deliver their presentation the day before.




Participants will have the opportunity to dive into an innovative atmosphere made of images, lights, sounds, flavours which we hope will make the intervals between presentations more enjoyable (see in-entertainment organization).


At the end of the scientific program, the audience will vote for the best innovative young scientific communication for Interventional Radiology, the best innovative young scientific communication for Endovascular Therapy, the 2022-23 best innovative Italian paper for Interventional Radiology, the 2022-23 best innovative Italian paper for Endovascular Therapy, selected and proposed by 3 experts for each competition. The best 4 “innovators” will be awarded at the end of the in-congress (see in-innovation challenge rules and summary table of in-innovation challenge).


The in-scientific program has been planned to collect and spread the most recent innovations. Technological innovations, clinical innovations, novel applications of conventional techniques will be highlighted and discussed by a highly qualified faculty composed of the best Italian interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons. The program includes 14 scientific in-sessions, 6 in-key honorary lectures of European leaders in Interventional Radiology and Vascular Surgery, 2 industry focuses. The congress will last two days, the first dedicated to Interventional Radiology, the second to Endovascular Therapy (see in-session modalities, recommendations, for moderators/speakers/discussants and slides preparation).